Friday, 15 June 2007

Mother's Day

Special day today; Mum’s anniversary. 14 years since she died, way too young at 55. Another smoking statistic.

She never saw her grandchildren. Gosh how they would have been spoiled! Me too I think. I dream of going away for a weekend break with the First Husband; children with Grandma, returning to an immaculate house and everything ironed within an inch of its life! Missed opportunities...

Every year to mark the occasion, my sister ventures south and I head north and we meet up in Stratford where Mum lived, worked and ultimately died.
Now Mum was the most stylish lady, worked in fashion, always elegantly dressed and she expected her daughters to be properly turned out too. Sadly she died one day before her birthday. Typical Mum, didn’t want to add another year to her age! Glamorous to the end!

So we place flowers on her grave, my sister and I, shed a tear or two….and then go on a memorial shoe shopping expedition followed by lunch at the Dirty Duck. Mum would have loved it!

Now as I’ve said elsewhere, the scent of Ambre Solaire oil reminds me of summer, and Mum, who loved to sunbathe. Imagine our horror then when the cemetery offered us a pretty spot under a shady tree for Mum.
“Oh no,no, no, nooo,” said sister. “Not our Mum.”
So there she is, placed right in the middle of the perfectly manicured lawn, forever basking in the sunlight.

And the inscription on her headstone?
Simply “Love Always”.
She signed off every birthday card, every letter she ever sent to us, with just those words.
Nothing else needed.
Rest in Peace Mum.


Zoë said...

very poignant, love the attention you have paid to getting her resting place right, and the way you commemorate her life. Its lovely x

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

I lost my Mum early too and like you am sad that there is so much she hasn't seen.

How wonderful that she will be forever basking in the sunlight.

@themill said...

Must remember to tell my brood I too wish to be forever basking in sunshine. Lovely blog m'dear and hope the shoe shopping went well.

Pondside said...

What a lovely way for you and your sister to remember your mother. If sounds as though you have got the 'memorial day' just right!

Anonymous said...

Your mother sounds like a wonderful lady. It is often the case that so few words mean so much. I think she will sit by her headstone, ambre solaire by her side and a peaceful smile as she marvels in her beautiful surroundings.
Crystal x

elizabethm said...

like the way you remember. hope my place will be in the sun too.

countrymousie said...

Touching blog -my mum loved the shade so she is under a huge chestnut tree. I of course adore the sun. In fact I always sign everything Love always.
55 - far far too young. So sorry.

The Country Craft Angel said...

SO sorry to hear about your mum. That was no age. You remember her beautifully.

warm wishes