Friday, 6 July 2007

You cannot be serious!

Younger son has been having extra tennis coaching at school which he adores. His teacher is a top coach who coached her own daughters to county standard.

She drew me aside one day.
“He’s really coming on, terrific hand, eye co-ordination,” she said.
I beamed. I was rubbish at tennis.
“But I just wanted to explain why I asked your son to step out of the class yesterday,” she continued. “ He hit a bad shot and threw his racket down.”
Her head tilted to one side, looking to me for agreement that she had done the right thing.
I bit my lip. Eight year olds having tantrums, whatever next.
“Yes ,of course,” I said sympathetically, “He must learn to be a good sport.”

I told his father about his boy’s lack of manners.
“The boy’s got it,” he said delighted.
“Got what?”
“The red mist. It’s what he needs to succeed. He won’t give up. Determination. Didn’t do McEnroe any harm anyway...”

My appeal for some fatherly advice to teach my wayward son about giving everyone a chance, sharing the ball, the importance of just taking part fell on deaf ears.

The following week, younger son won the tennis tournament. At least he thanked the umpire graciously.

Game ,set and match to testosterone?


@themill said...

Testosterone? Believe me, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!
Well done bouncy boy!

Blossomcottage said...

I fear the Daddy might be right, sadly these days being a good sport will not win you titles, but then I would prefer like you for them to be good sports and enjoy what their tennis or whatever sport they do. As for testosterone like @the the mill you ain't seen nothing yet!!!!

bodran... said...

Yep ditto above! but tell him to use it on the ball not the racket, not that he'll listen! lol

Cait O'Connor said...

Dad may be right. Good losers don't reach the top, is he an Arian?

ChrisH said...

Well done that boy - just needs to channel that aggression (how come we can't even write that word now without it sounding perjorative?) and he'll be fine.

ChrisH said...

Ps have just read your previous blog which was very moving. Your Mum was no age at all.

patsy said...

Blossom, yes I fear the hormones will only get worse as they reach teenage years, we're rather a testosterone fuelled household. In defence I think I will go all pink and fluffy. Must get to Monsoon wee girls department for some pink fairy wings and sparkly tiara!

Cait..the boy is a Leo, the father a Gemini, definitely a commoonicator!

ChrisH Thank you,I'm touched by your kind comment about Mum, so typical of you.


As long as he remembers to smile..something Mackinroe was not good at as far as I can recall!!

countrymousie said...

Well done that boy. No one remembers second is the motto here!! You have to be single minded to succeed at anything and it sounds like he may just have what it takes. I do hope so.
Think Lewis Hamilton with racing - all he ever wanted - though he does look to have perfect manners also!! Perhaps you can have both!

FunkyMunky said...

Well done to him for winning!! Have to agree with the comments above. Maybe if Tim Henman had more agression (I hate that thing he does with his fist)he would have won Wimbledon (or something at least) by now. But at the same time, I'm sure it's possible for even the top sportsmen to have good manners too - Lewis Hamilton was an excellent example!!

FunkyMunky said...

I've just read your previous blog - what a wonderful tribute to your mum. So sad that she died so young, but how wonderful that you mark the anniversary in a way your mum would have enjoyed.

elizabethm said...

good for him. do know what you and your husband mean though. I was always for being the good sport but I'm rubbish so I was never going win anyway! suspect you need some of the red mist.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

I sit here in a house overflowing with that 'T' stuff and sports trophies on every available ledge and woe betide anyone who puts them back in the wrong order of merit....that soon sets off the red mist!! you've got a lot more coming ....enjoy!