Thursday, 3 May 2007

Dog days

Finally Soppy Dog's hip score is back. 3 and 6. Really, really good. Perhaps puppies this summer.
First Husband is ecstatic. "Beautiful girl, so well bred."
It's not me he's talking about!
Clays today. She knows she's not needed and curls up, the curve of her glossy back closing off any further discussion. She ignores him. How do they know?


Inthemud said...

Are you planning on getting a 2nd hubby!! Made me laugh that you call him first hubby!

Dog's are so clever!

patsy said...

He will refer to me as the Present Wife!

Suffolkmum said...

Sure you're beautiful and well bred too! Just found you - you're obviously @themill's vet (what a way to be introduced!!) - glad you got here, look forward to your blogs.

patsy said...

Both you and she have been more than kind! Thank goodness it's not video-blogging as I'm doing a good impression of Rudolf at the moment with a heavy cold!

@themill said...

Patsy, you old dog. You sneaked in here while I wasn't looking! No wonder I haven't had an email for ages. But be warned - it's REALLY addictive. I'm definitely cutting down, which is obviously why I missed you. Knew you'd be brilliant at it anyway.

Pondside said...

Welcome - so glad @the mill introduced you. Also glad to hear that you're doing your bit for understanding between the genders. Future girlfriends and wife will thank you!