Thursday, 17 May 2007

Re: Start

It's been ages since I blogged. Events.

But what to say? I'm out of practice. Where to start? With daily minutiae or the stories I've been hoarding? Give the wonderful things the children say a wider audience or reveal those darker parts of myself, curtained off from everyone else?
Perhaps it's like jogging; once you get going you feel fine, it's just heaving your butt out the door that's the hard bit.

But how I admire those who blog daily about their lives. I find it hard to think of what to say.

And it takes me so long to write. I would starve to death as a writer. I can hardly type with more than one finger; then I am blighted by a need to be grammatically correct at all times. Heavens, even my texts are punctuated.

This is certainly due to the strict but encouraging Mrs P, my English teacher, small in stature but huge on exploring the English language and all its niceties. Similarly, Latin teacher Miss H, " I didn't come up the Clyde on a tea biscuit you know", made us dig deep for the precise sense of a word in our translations, not just settle for the easy answer. She made Miss Jean Brodie look positively self-effacing! But these redoubtable ladies certainly instilled in this girl a love of words, their uses and abuses.

Don't you just delight in finding elegant prose? Discovering well crafted sentences, like bright jewels, polished and placed carefully in an appropriate setting is such a pleasure. And the right word, sitting flush with the rest of the sentence, feels somehow soothing while the wrong one jars, and draws attention to its ill-fitting purpose.

But where is the time to write such thoughtful long essays as many do on a regular basis? They clearly have such busy, fulfilling lives but how can they be doing it and blogging it simultaneously? I'm in awe. Clever chaps these bloggers. Much better time management than me, that's for sure. Is there a course I can go on... if I can find the time?

Or perhaps like me they are a night owl, extending the day, well past any sensible bedtime.
So it's a start but now I'm finished.


sally's chateau said...

Love the tea biscuit saying, shall file that away for an appropriate moment, that'll stop anyone in their tracks !

snailbeachshepherdess said...

.....Ok that was the next bit....please

toady said...

I like the 'tea biscuit' saying too. Toady

Elizabethd said...

Sometimes I'm in awe too. There are days when I cant imagine anyone wanting to read about anything i have done!

Faith said...

The I know what you mean comment that somehow got on the blog announcement page was in reply to your blog Patsy. I'm amazed too how people blog, have small children, reply on all the blogs, have a life! i always tend to feel a bit inadequate cos i only manage to catch a blog or two a day.

patsy said...

Just realised too that because I worked on the blog last night in an old draft window, it gave an old date in May! Must remember that in future. Dear friend works on hers in Word and then cuts and pastes.
Got to go and keep the plates spinning..

The Country Craft Angel said...

I am only blogging every day at present Patsy as it is some 'personal' stuff. I think I am compelled to get it down and out of my head and close a chapter in my life, it is strange how it is motivating me to write.

Day to day I don't think I have an exciting enough existence to be able to blog every day-I think it would be frightfully boring.

I do know exactly what you mean about spinning plates!

warm wishes

Suffolkmum said...

Lovely blog, methinks you can do this blogging stuff pretty well..... I blog as and when I feel like it, usually about twice a week, love reading as many as I can, but stop as soon as I feel it's becomng a pressure.

patsy said...

Angel, I too am looking forward to getting some stuff out of my head and onto a blog. Sometimes the negative thoughts just fester don't they and they need a good spring clean. Easier too to "off-load" amongst kind but not too personally involved friends. Families can be a trial as well as a comfort. But there's lots of cheerful stuff too! Toodle pip!
Pats xx

Exmoorjane said...

Ah Patsy, the more you write, the easier it is to write... it's like friends you talk with every day (easy peasy, lemon squeezy as you have a shared experience of what's been going on) but sometimes it can be really hard to get a conversation going with someone you don't talk to that often....things that at the time seemed important fade as the days, weeks, months past.....
I found it MUCH easier to blog daily than to blog occasionally....

Love your Latin teacher too - but please don't remind me of Latin translation!

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

You have done the hardest bit . . .but please please remember no one will get cross if you can't or don't want to blog, or haven't the time, or whatever. The site is not competative, or judgemental. So glad that you have blogged though.

@themill said...

Brilliant my dear Patsy. Look forward to the wedding day story!

Cait O'Connor said...

Thanks for calling by.
I am afraid I am a night owl too and like to 'extend the day' (I like your phrase, it explains it exactly). I too am in awe of the bloggers who write and comment so regularly as well as leading such busy lives.
Ah well,I had better go to bed now.
As they say here in Wales
Nos Da,