Saturday, 5 May 2007


The Incredibly Shrinking Husband got his hair cut today, perhaps to make him more aerodynamic for his 100 mile cycle tomorrow. He's in training for a charity triathlon, and so, by default says Patsy sourly, is the rest of the family. Wine consumption almost down to zero, quelle horreur!
But while he was snipped (no,no not THAT sort !), I snapped and went shopping.
I got them. The party shoes to go with the posh frock for the little brother's party.
How dare he reach the big four-oh, I can no longer now pretend to be in my early forties. Everyone knows I was senior milk monitor when he was born and are a bit too clever with the maths.
As I gently cradled my new purchases, Thoughtful First Son said, " Mum, can I talk to you about something really important? Can I tell you all about Transformers and why boys like them?"
"And then can I talk to you about shoes and why girls really like them?"
"Deal ,Mum."
And we did. Talked in turn and listened to each other. I learnt that robots which light up and fight for the Universe against the Decepticons can fire up a boy's imagination while he learnt that high heels and sparkly bits cheer up an old mum.
And make me higher he added.
Transformers of a different sort.
"But then I'm just a beginner about girls," he said with great foresight.
The boy will go far.


@themill said...

Working at last! Gorgeous boy. But we knew that already!

Blossomcottage said...

Current Husband wa a vet in Northumberland for a while, he has a passion to go back one day. I love Johnny Francombe as well, my sister had a horse in training once and it took him back to the stables at Fontwell!!

Love you Blog and your boy!he will go far, mine at 13 noticed Jemima Goldsmith amongst the youngesters in the Working Hunter Pony Class he was in at the Royal Show, he made a great effort to find out who she was, and gave me quite a dressing down that I had not enlightened him about her before!

patsy said...

So much in common Blossom... glad someone else appreciates a man with great hands...ooer!

Humpty said...

Fraid the the toys just get bigger as the boys get older. My 13yr old son known affectionatley as Mr T is now into X-Mods to which one has to purchase spare bits from Ebay via USA. And I'm not much better with my big toy car either. these toys justr get bigger and more expensive. Great blog and thank you for your comments. :-)

patsy said...

Yes, we've started on X -mods too. Used to be able to get them in Halfords but no longer. Sounds like our boys are similar...mine can remember the details of every type of car..but his French verbs, no chance!

Tattie Weasle said...

Shoes to make you feel good - do you hide yours from ISH? I tried to hide mine from Dear Charlie as he just does NOT get it then forgot and landed up buying the same pair a few weeks later...

Exmoorjane said...

Hmm, where is the triathlon? Some friends of ours are doing one in Snowdonia soon.....
Ah yes, the importance of Transformers and Decepticons....remember sadly it's football that I am instructed in.....though like yours mine is quite willing to hear me out on shoes, handbags and jewellery. Janex

patsy said...

Tattie Weasel, luckily for me ISH likes a nicely turned ankle so he does occasionally humour me!
Jane, ISH is doing his Ironman in Austria. On Sunday morning our bed was ringed with every Transformer the First Son owns, all at battle stations, just so heart-warming to see him so passionate about something and so dextrous too- he's supposed to have poor motor skills!

annakarenin said...

My second son loves all my attire and unfortunately spends far too much time parading around the house in it. It never occured to me with foiur sons that I would have to stasrt hiding up stuff please to god he eventually growns out of it.

Grouse said...

The daughter (age 24) bought her twin brother Optimus Prime for Xmas. His had been given away years ago.

Your boy sounds total bliss.